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German Special Weapons of World War II, Part 1

Britain wasn’t alone in providing tailored firearms to special operations units during World War II. Most countries involved in the war expended at least some effort doing likewise, and Germany was no exception. A number of German special weapons and components from WWII are well known to collectors and enthusiasts, even while others remain obscure. …

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De Lisle Carbine

British Special Weapons, Part 1

In the last decade, Stoner’s evolved AR-platform has been pressed, stretched, pulled, prodded, and modified. Many consider it a panacea among firearms, although its suitability in certain roles is certainly a matter for debate. Nonetheless, the concept of modifying existing weapons to meet specific, often highly specialized needs is not new. Many nations have experimentally …

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The SBS, Part 1

The Special Boat Service is a special operations unit of the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy. Although little known in comparison to its famous cousin, the Special Air Service, the SBS also has its origin in World War II. After the Fall of France in 1940, an isolated Britain marshalled its forces to defend the far-flung …

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SAS patch


Although the British SAS, or Special Air Service, was not the first unit to adopt the MP5, it can certainly lay claim to being the unit that made the MP5 internationally famous. The SAS enjoys notoriety in the modern world for its counterterrorism exploits, but it also has just about the longest and most contiguous …

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