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ZF-5 Premium Package

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The ZF-5 is a semi-auto MP5 style firearm featuring a roller-delayed blowback operating system, Pic rail, & a cold hammer-forged barrel. The American Made ZF-5 is a full-size close quarters pistol that pairs the versatile 9mm cartridge with a performance maximizing barrel length, sight radius, and tropical wide forearm. While the ZF-5 is a perfect base for short-barreled-rifle conversions, it is also a highly effective pistol that affords iron-sight accuracy at distances exceeding 100 meters. It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and ships in a high-quality carry case with a Picatinny optics rail, 3-lug flash hider, three magazines, premium 2-point sling, a cleaning kit, and a user manual.

>> Click here to download the ZF-5 Operator’s Manual

Whats included

  • 3-lug flash hider
  • (3) 30 round MP-5 magazines
  • Custom 2-point sling
  • Picatinny optics rail
  • High-quality carrying case
  • Cleaning kit
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Caliber9 x 19 mm parabellum
Operating system roller-delayed blowback
Mode of firesemi auto
Magazine 30-round steel
Trigger pull 6-8 lbs.
Safetymanually actuated lever
Weight, firearm without magazine5.5 lbs.
Magazine weight, empty 0.4 lbs.
Magazine weight, full 1.2 lbs.
Length 17.9 in.
Height 8.3 in.
Width 2.3 in.
Barrel length 8.9 in.
Barrelcold hammer forged 4150 cmv, 3-lug, ½ x 28 rh threaded
Rifling 6 grooves, rh twist, 1:10 in.
Sights fixed hooded front; adjustable rear with 4-aperture rotary drum
Sight radius 13.4 in.
Forearm tropical wide

23 reviews for ZF-5 Premium Package

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    Took it out for the first time today, about 200 rounds through. Zero malfunctions, doesn’t even feel like it recoils. 100% recommend.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Decided on this mp5 clone since she’s made in the U.S. fit and finish was excellent. Put 200 rounds through her with no issues. Extremely happy with my decision. Just waiting on my form 1 to be approved

  3. Joshua Gwin (verified owner)

    Late to the party for this review but I can say that the zf-5 is a supremely accurate firearm with almost single-hole accuracy off a bag at 25 yards with any ammo I give it. Zenith’s customer service is alarmingly good as well.

  4. Joseph Rietdorf (verified owner)

    I have about 650 rounds through it so far. I wanted to make sure it will shoot my hollow points. It took a while for everything to break in, but my hollow points are now shooting at 100%. There is no feed ramp in the MP-5s and their Clones. Matter-of-fact very few 9mm PCCs have feed ramps. So there is going to be a little break-in time for the feeding ports to wear down or “polish” themselves just through use. I always help my break-ins along by carefully polishing these feeding ports. Never grind on anything! BUT I LOVE my ZF-5! Very well-made in every detail. I f I was offered the choice of an HK or a Zenith MP-5 Clone. I’d take the HK so I could then trade it in for 2 Zeniths. Looking forward to a lot of FUN with this weapon this summer! -Joe R

  5. Michael Hinten (verified owner)

    Incredible gun. The consistency of this gun is outstanding, lost track of where my shoots were going since I put a hole in the target.

  6. [email protected]

    Just got it in today. 120 rounds through it like butter. Great finish on the gun, feels like a proper “mp5”. Most amazed about the accuracy, mp5 type triggers are usually alright at best but this one by zenith is noticeably better!! Very pleased, my buddy went and bought one after checking it out.

  7. Mark Henderson

    Compared this to my friend’s HK SP5. Can’t tell difference except mine shoots without jamming 🙂

  8. Joseph Francis Kelly (verified owner)

    Shipment was well packaged. Weapon and equipment came as advertised. On the range the weapon was very accurate. I put about 200 rds through it with no malfunctions or magazine feed issues. Could not be happier with my purchase.

  9. Tyler (verified owner)

    Fit and finish was excellent and the case was much higher quality than expected. Very happy with my ZF5 and accessories, it has functioned flawlessly!

  10. Robert Baumgardner

    It would helpful to have a list of approved 9 mm ammo manufactures, grain, and any other information that will enhance, cause problems, or damage the ZF-5. Looking for your recommendation for appropriate 9mm. I have just purchased a ZF-5 and really haven’t gotten a clear answer or recommendation of what is acceptable or what to avoid.

  11. Ben Garwood

    A first class mp5… note I don’t use the word clone because compared to imported hk models, I have found the fit and finish to be equal to or better. This pistol (pending sbr) is a great American made pcc in a classic yet still relevant design. I have not had any issues with the zf5 over several hundred rounds and I highly recommend this company and their products without hesitation.

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    I spent a fair amount of time checking out various MP-5 clones and finally settled on Zenith because reviews by owners had better comments and fewer “squawks” than other builders.

    I was expecting a well-built gun, but I was not prepared for the experience of putting rounds downrange with this piece of American craftsmanship.

    I knew that Zenith had made great strides in the past five years, but I was not expecting what I experienced with shooting this excellent gun. The trigger has a shorter pull than I anticipated.

    There is almost no identifiable “wall”, no grittiness even in the break-in period, and the smoothness of the roller system is beyond belief. When I attached my Omega 9K and shot some 147 grain rounds, I wasn’t even sure the gun had actually fired!

    Congratulations on bringing this iconic and now updated platform to the market. This is an excellent weapon that is also just stupid fun to take to the range!

  13. KCajiga (verified owner)

    Purchased my ZF5K and couldn’t be happier. The quality and build feel is incredible. I personally had the assistance of Caleb Clinton from the team at Zenith Firearms to help place my order and answer all my questions. Thank you for the great customer service and awesome product.

  14. pat701

    I just purchased a ZF-5 premium package today. I did this purchase over the phone. Becky Wiseman was my sales representative. I have been shooting for 50 years. I have never had the great customer service, that I got from Becky. Zenith firearms is very fortunate to sales representatives as dedicated as Becky was. I asked if Zeinth would be kind enough to install the picattiny on my ZF-5 before they shipped to my FFL. Becky said she take care of that. Then 40 minutes later Becky called and said the picattiny rail was mounted. the Becky asked me if I also want the SB folding brace, amd flash hider installed before it is shipped, I said yes please. Becky then asked if I wanted the SB tactical brace box included in the shipment, my reply was yes. I have never had this kind of customer service from anywhere, You best believe I will recommend to others. Becky also told me my ZF-5 will ship tomorrow. Once I have the ZF-5 in my hand next week, I will give my impressions on the build quality. It appears to me that Zenith has it’s act together, and provides the best CS in the firearm industry. I am pleased!

  15. John Reddick

    I work for a suppressor manufacturer and I wanted three things:
    Made in the USA
    Customer service
    Zenith had the first two locked down, and when I called regarding questions I had immediate answers and follow up was excellent.
    The first torture test was at Suppressed Fest 2022. This beast fired over 2,000 rounds over two days (if you’ve ever shot suppressed you know how dirty it gets. I had zero issues, besides a few weak slaps 🙂
    I had so many compliments on this setup. You guys really hit this one out of the park.

  16. Daniel Franko (verified owner)

    I bought the ZF5, it’s as good as quality as my hk 94. I believe this complete set will become a collector’s item. The trigger has a better feel then my hk. I would buy this weapon before the sale is over on September 5. You won’t be disappointed

  17. g.t.mace

    Sweet… about time, made in America.

  18. Beaufort Naval Armorers (verified owner)

    We started with the HK dealer direct program in the mid eighties. We’ve owned 91’s and 94’s of which both were excellent quality, great offhand and other position shooters. Both models turned out to be superb investments as well. When we first checked into the Zenith ZF 5’s we knew we had to check them out. Our first is a “Davidson’s Exclusive” which is grey black and is an absolute example of great USA manufacturing, fit, finish and function. The out of the box, or should I say awesome hard case that this fine piece ships with, accuracy/trigger is awesome. We are so impressed with these Zenith ZF 5’s and have more just in and on order. These will always increase in value just like the HK’s did!

  19. Gary Ginannini

    Wow ! We have several 9 mm carbines, Sig RMPX, CZ Scorpion, CMMG Resolute, Rugger PCC, And yes a Hi-point 995 all of them are great shooting guns! But by far and none the Zenith ZF-5 is a laser TAC driver! It’s like it has a magnetic laser on the barrel, just point in the general direction of steel and it’s a hit 99% of the time the other 1% is operator error. really looking forward to getting zenith 9 mm carbine!

  20. Andrew Mailander (verified owner)

    The world wanted another gorgeous and highly efficient MP5 clone, and Zenith Firearms delivered! Manufactured in the US, this engineering marvel houses all of the iconic MP5 features while sacrificing none of the quality. From its sleek black finish to the cold hammer-forged barrel, the ZF-5 speaks for itself.

    It comes in a sturdy case and equipped with x3 30rd magazines, along with a handy cleaning kit. Zenith also does a great job at offering additional magazines and parts to enhance your ZF-5, with more components coming soon.

  21. Joseph O’Brien

    I recently purchased the ZF5 and couldn’t be more happy. This is my first roller delayed weapon so I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. The fit and finish is perfect out of the box. My first range visit I shot 90 rounds 124gr. unsuppressed and 90 rounds 147gr. suppressed. I did not have one failure. The gun ran flawlessly. It is a super smooth low recoil joy to shoot. Shooting suppressed was great! There wasn’t any gas in my face at all. This is a gun you can shoot all day and not get fatigued. I highly recommend Zenith. Their customer service is outstanding too. I contacted them with some questions and to purchase additional accessories. They answered all my question and shipped my accessories super fast. So far I have nothing negative to say about my ZF5 or Zenith as a company. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

  22. Brad (verified owner)

    1st impression is the case the ZF-5 arrives in. It’s Pelican quality built like a tank with wheels on it. Opening it up is impressive as the photo shows with lots of accessories included. The fit and finish of the ZF-5 is excellent !! An owner of an H&K MP-5 was at a gun store where a friend of mine is a manager, and he was most interested in the ZF-5. After looking it over, he felt the build quality was better than the HK. There are comments on the internet about the ZF-5’s price compared to other imported & domestic MP-5’s. You get what you pay for….yes, the ZF-5 is top dollar, but Zenith has put 100% effort in making it one the best MP-5’s on the market. Made in the USA with great customer support, the ZF-5 is worth looking at if you’re considering an MP-5.

  23. Mike Pope

    Love the looks ..can’t wait to check out and see if it lives up to the hype !!

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