On the Justness of Bearing Arms

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Alas, the long-anticipated Lobby Day is upon us! Divided and busy as we are today between the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and Capitol Square in Richmond, we have not failed to leave for your enjoyment and encouragement this Lobby Day-commemorative blog post, authored by Zenith’s vice president, Andy Eckert: The enemies of liberty and justice want few things more


Zenith FirearmsOn the Justness of Bearing Arms

Germany’s Prolific Parabellum

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Notwithstanding that the Wehrmacht, the united armed forces of Nazi Germany from 1935-1946, commited some of the worst large-scale atrocities the world has ever seen, many people today are fascinated with this military machine on account alone of its technological accomplishments. After all, Germany’s engineers and designers during that period paved the way to the future with innovations in infrared


Jamie SlaughterGermany’s Prolific Parabellum

The Zenith Custom Shop

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Roller-delayed blowback firearms are legendary for their quality, endurance, reliability, and accuracy. Quite honestly, they have few rivals. But in a world dominated by plug-and-play AR-15s, the undersupported and more mechanically complex roller-delayed system can be intimidating. Where can you turn if you want to clean up the trigger on your Z-5RS or MP5? And if you don’t want to


Jamie SlaughterThe Zenith Custom Shop

A Shot Show Story

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So, gunslinger, you finally got your pass to SHOT. You have arrived. You are now the envy of all your friends — headed as you are to Vegas for a week of guns, gear, 24-hour casinos, and cheap buffets. You book a room at a grossly inflated price, and scope out some good chow on the internet. Who knew seafood


Jamie SlaughterA Shot Show Story