ZF-5 MP5 Magazines

Our ZF-5 magazines are compatible with the ZF-5, ZF-5P, ZF-5K, MP5, SP5, MP5K, SP5K, SP89, MP5SD, and other MP5 variants and MP5-type platforms with roller-delayed blowback actions.

These MP5 magazines feature all-steel construction with an electro-plated finish which is easy to clean and resists fouling and corrosion. They also feature high-tensile strength compression springs, reinforced feed lips, and stainless steel followers that ensure reliable feeding and durability. They also feature round-count indicator holes at the rear of the mag body.

Available for sale, singly, in or six-pack bundles – buy in bulk and save almost $30!

New parts and accessories are coming soon. Check back with us for new releases and sign up for updates.

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