British Special Weapons, Part 1

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In the last decade, Stoner’s evolved AR-platform has been pressed, stretched, pulled, prodded, and modified. Many consider it a panacea among firearms, although its suitability in certain roles is certainly a matter for debate. Nonetheless, the concept of modifying existing weapons to meet specific, often highly specialized needs is not new. Many nations have experimentally modified their standard service weapons


Jamie SlaughterBritish Special Weapons, Part 1

The History of the 9×19, Part 1

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The 9×19 is the most popular handgun cartridge of our era, serving military, law enforcement, and civilians worldwide. And unlike other handgun cartridges of the same general time period, such as the .38 Special and the .45 ACP, the 9×19 — officially 9x19mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, or 9 mm NATO (I will explain each of these and what they mean


Jamie SlaughterThe History of the 9×19, Part 1


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Although the British SAS, or Special Air Service, was not the first unit to adopt the MP5, it can certainly lay claim to being the unit that made the MP5 internationally famous. The SAS enjoys notoriety in the modern world for its counterterrorism exploits, but it also has just about the longest and most contiguous history of any currently active


Jamie SlaughterThe SAS

A Brief History of MKE

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On May 29, 1453, Constantinople fell to Mehmed the Conqueror, the leader of the Ottoman Turks. Byzantium’s 1,500-year history came to a thunderous end as Ottoman bombards — massive siege cannons firing enormous projectiles weighing as much as a ton — battered the ancient walls to rubble. The Ottoman bombards were cast and crewed by a man known as Orban


Jamie SlaughterA Brief History of MKE

The HK Licensees: The True Right Arm of the Free World? PART 1

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The FN FAL is often referred to as “The Right Arm of the Free World.” If one examines the NATO table of organization and equipment from the 1950s through the 1990s, this title seems difficult to dispute on the surface. However, the Heckler and Koch G3, and its more ubiquitous little brother, the MP5, can be found everywhere the FAL


Jamie SlaughterThe HK Licensees: The True Right Arm of the Free World? PART 1

The Soviets – Early Post War Rifles: Cold War Small Arms, Installment 2

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The Soviet experience during World War II differed greatly from that of the United States. Whereas the U.S. suffered virtually no direct attack on its soil (save for a few Japanese balloon bombs and one or two long range ship-based planes), the Soviet Union was ravaged by Germany, Hungary, Romania, Italy, and Bulgaria. After decidedly losing World War I, and


Jamie SlaughterThe Soviets – Early Post War Rifles: Cold War Small Arms, Installment 2

The G3: More Notorious Ancestors

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The MG 42 is perhaps the most infamous general-purpose machine gun in existence. While the Maxim and Vickers guns have been around longer, the MG 42 and its immediate predecessor, the MG 34, changed the way machine guns were made. The new general-purpose machine guns were sleeker, lighter, and much more ergonomic than the clunky, modified variants of existing guns,


Jamie SlaughterThe G3: More Notorious Ancestors

The MP5 and the Elite

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Few guns in existence owe their fame to the units that used them. The Thompson submachine gun, for instance, is among the most iconic guns ever produced, as are the Luger P08, various models of Winchester lever-action rifle, the M1911 pistol and the Mauser model 98. While each of those guns was employed by one or more elite units, not


Jamie SlaughterThe MP5 and the Elite

Background to the G3, Installment 1

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The roller-delayed and roller-locked firearms produced from the Cold War to the present, and used by NATO and countless combatants around the world, have their origins in World War II. Under the Nazis, engineers had a field day producing everything from the first operational fleet of jet-powered bombers and fighters, to the rockets that would form the bases for the


Jamie SlaughterBackground to the G3, Installment 1

The MP5 in the Movies

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If you’re like us at Zenith, you too are an irritating person to watch firearm-rich action movies with. You probably point out everything from chronological problems, to poor trigger discipline, to those endless magazines we all wish we had. And since you’re reading this particular blog, we’re going to assume you are also a true aficionado of roller-delayed goodness, and


Jamie SlaughterThe MP5 in the Movies