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The Zenith Custom Shop

Roller-delayed blowback firearms are legendary for their quality, endurance, reliability, and accuracy. Quite honestly, they have few rivals. But in a world dominated by plug-and-play AR-15s, the undersupported and more mechanically complex roller-delayed system can be intimidating. Where can you turn if you want to clean up the trigger on your ZF-5 or MP5? And if you don’t want to spray-paint your HK91 because you prefer that beautiful factory finish, where can you go? The answer is the Zenith Custom Shop.

Zenith Custom Shop gunsmiths JR Pannell and DE Williams are highly experienced with the roller-delayed system, and capable of everything from refinishing moderately used guns to completely refurbishing decades-old MP5s that have been languishing in someone’s safe or armory. With more than 50 years of gunsmithing experience between them, JR and DE can fix virtually any problem your roller-delayed firearm might present. Here is a quick summary of some of the most popular services the Zenith Custom Shop offers.

Barrel Replacement. Roller-delayed firearms are extremely popular for their “shootability.” If you visit a range that rents out machine guns, you will inevitably find an MP5 (or maybe a Z-5RS) on the wall, if not in use on the range, as most everybody likes to shoot iconic firearms. The downside to this is parts wear, especially long-term barrel wear, which at some point begins to affect accuracy. And if you examine a roller-delayed firearm, you’ll understand that replacing the barrel is not a simple matter for the shade tree gunsmith. Fortunately, our Custom Shop can remove the worn-out barrel on, for instance, a rental machine gun, and replace it with a factory-new barrel, restoring its accuracy and giving the business owner and his customers years of further shooting enjoyment.

Trigger Enhancement. Do you love your roller-delayed gun, but find the trigger a bit irksome? Despite arguable advantages in certain circumstances, many people find heavy triggers detrimental to their pistol-caliber carbine shooting. If you’re among them, send your firearm to our Custom Shop and allow us to fix it for you. JR and DE can clean up your factory trigger and leave you with a crisp, 4.5- to 5-pound trigger that’s more consistent and reliable, giving you a competitive edge on the firing line.

Magazine Well Adjustment. Often the most intimidating part of a roller-delayed firearm is the stamped metal receiver. While these are supremely durable, compared to the receivers on a platform like the 98 Mauser, they simply do not look it. This helps explain why so many gun companies in Germany were reluctant to tackle manufacturing the MP 44, one of the most legendary firearms in existence. If your mag well needs an adjustment — if you want that perfect, wobble-free fit — send your firearm to the Zenith Custom Shop and ask them to make it so.

Finishing Services. Do you want the finish on your roller-delayed firearm restored to like-new HK black? Or how about a custom camo finish that makes your gun blend with a particular rural landscape? Then again, maybe you would prefer something that really stands out, like robin’s egg blue, so everybody remembers clearly who outshot them on the range. The Zenith Custom Shop can make any of these a reality. JR and DE are both certified DuraCoat applicators who can impose nearly any finish you’d like on any firearm you choose.

But tell us what you need. Is it a factory-level overhaul? Help with a problem you can’t diagnose or solve on your own? Your agency’s firearms refurbished? Since Zenith is a licensed manufacturer of NFA items, our Custom Shop can manage repairs and modifications to agency guns as well, whether you have one, 20, 50 or more firearms that need attention. The Zenith Custom Shop is open for business, for all your roller-delayed blowback service needs. Contact us at 434-202-7790 x110 with questions or to request a quote.

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