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The roller-delayed specialists at Zenith Firearms now offer a comprehensive set of maintenance, repair, customization and DuraCoat application services for all makes and models of roller-delayed blowback firearms.

As a holder of FFLs 7 and 10, and a Class 2 and 3 Special Occupational Taxpayer, Zenith is licensed to manufacture and service all NFA items.

For a $125 fee, our talented, experienced gunsmiths will inspect your firearm and identify any maintenance-related or performance-impacting problems.

General labor is $125 per hour, and the fixed prices of some of our most common services are below.

Gunsmithing Services

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General Labor


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Duracoat Refinishing


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(includes refinishing the rails
in HK Black SL Duracoat)

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A3-Style Stock Refinishing


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Barrel Replacement

(labor only)

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Mag Well adjustment

$95 – $175

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Custom Duracoat Refinishing

Call For Pricing

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Trigger Enhancement


Complete refurbishing / Replacement

$500 – $1,350

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