zenith's introductory US-Made firearm

ZF-5 is here

Manufactured in the US, the zf-5 offers superior quality attained through modernization, precise tolerances, improved coatings, and a cold hammer-forged Steel barrel.


US-made firearms and parts

Each of our firearms is manufactured, assembled and finished with superior craftsmanship using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and exceptional quality control.


for your roller-delayed blowback firearm


for your roller-delayed blowback firearm

From periodic maintenance and tuneups to minor repairs and enhancements, barrel replacements, complete overhauls, and custom work, Zenith offers full-service gunsmithing and comprehensive support for the roller-delayed blowback platform.


Feed your FIREARM

Manufactured to NATO specifications and offering smooth feeding and exceptional reliability, ZQI Ammunition is a smart choice for your roller-delayed blowback firearm.

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