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ZF-5 Essentials Package

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The ZF-5 retains the iconic sub gun profile of the original, but offers numerous improvements to the system through modernization, precise tolerances, improved coatings, and a cold hammer forged CMV barrel. The American Made ZF-5 is a semi-automatic, full-size close quarters pistol that pairs the versatile 9mm cartridge with a performance maximizing barrel length, sight radius, and tropical wide forearm. While the ZF-5 is a perfect base for short-barreled-rifle conversions, it is also a highly effective pistol that affords iron-sight accuracy at distances exceeding 100 meters. It is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and ships in a high-quality soft carry case with (1) 30 round magazine, and a user manual.

>> Click here to download the ZF-5 Operator’s Manual

What's Included

  • ZF-5
  • (1) 30 Round Magazine
  • Soft Carry Case
  • User’s Manual


Caliber9 x 19 mm parabellum
Operating system roller-delayed blowback
Mode of firesemi auto
Magazine 30-round steel
Trigger pull 6-8 lbs.
Safetymanually actuated lever
Weight, firearm without magazine5.5 lbs.
Magazine weight, empty 0.4 lbs.
Magazine weight, full 1.2 lbs.
Length 17.9 in.
Height 8.3 in.
Width 2.3 in.
Barrel length 8.9 in.
Barrelcold hammer forged 4150 cmv, 3-lug, ½ x 28 rh threaded
Rifling 6 grooves, rh twist, 1:10 in.
Sights fixed hooded front; adjustable rear with 4-aperture rotary drum
Sight radius 13.4 in.
Forearm tropical wide

10 reviews for ZF-5 Essentials Package

  1. Gregory W Alford

    Great Product

  2. Dalbir Singh

    Since I saw this at shot show I wanted to get my hands on one so bad I decided to pull the trigger on one and it was the best choice! Might just need one or two more!!!

  3. Shawn kane

    Bought my zf-5 back in December and have been more than happy with the firearm. Fit and finish is beautiful. Have just under 1000 rounds of reload and reman ammo, steel case new ammo and new brass ammo without a single malfunction. Would absolutely recommend and purchase again!

  4. Cory Stover

    Completely blown away with this firearm. I’ve shot over 1000 rounds, around 500 of which were in the pouring rain. I have not had a single malfunction. This gun is incredibly reliable and accurate. For the money, it’s hard to beat a zenith. You won’t be disappointed with this gun.

  5. Mike Fellman (verified owner)

    I ordered the ZF5 and I am so glad I did! Amazing functionality and finish. I currently have around 600 rounds of 124gr through it and not a single malfunction. So far, the zf5 has completely surpassed my expectations in a big way. Keep up the great work Zenith!

  6. ABKsDad (verified owner)

    This is my first MP5 type of pistol and I am not disapointed. Fit and finish are great. While I am still early in the break in process, my first 50 rounds through the ZF-5 I did not experience any malfunctions. I wish they still came with an arm brace, but I guess I will need to SBR it to gain that function. I was supper happy to get an American made mp5 variant that has a manufacture warranty that I can lean on if needed.

  7. Michael calondis

    Outstanding customer service! Rey nice people. Would highly recommend.

  8. David Crosby (verified owner)

    Little torn between a HK and a Variant. I am not disappointed. The mags are tight and I think w/ use or they will run fine. That is my only quirk is feeding mags in is sticky. The HK mags slide in fine. I have not cut my front sight yet. The gun runs like it should. Running Strikehold lube and ball ammo w/o zero jambs fails. The company was great for being very responsive. I will grab one more and have recommended to a friend who purchased as well.

  9. Chris P

    After using an MP5 for a portion of my military career in the late 90s, I wanted to pick up a variant for home defense and nostalgia. I wanted to elevate myself over the Turkish vs US clone as I didn’t feel the 2x price tag was worth the HK markings. I am not a purist. Going from pistol to SBR was easy as there is no 922r issues. The shipped magazine was a little too tight, but HK mags worked perfect. After about 50 removals and inserts, the Zenith mags inserted and removed flawlessly. This may be due to the nub on the front is a little more protruding than the HK and CETME mags. I have about 500 rounds total both suppressed and un-supressed. I have picked up extra extractor springs just in case since most MP5s are weak there, but no extraction issues as of yet. No failures with steel magazines. Poly mags not so much, but I don’t like non-reinforced poly mags in general. Final setup has seen Knights Rial, Magpul MLOK and standard handguard. No interface issues. Stock is currently MagPul and again no issues. I have added a 1913 rail to the top and no shift in zero. I really like the system and would suggest for those looking for the soft shooting nostalgia feeding system of the 20th Century, I can’t tell the difference between the ZF5 and HK version except no stamp on receiver.

  10. Austin Thiel (verified owner)

    As a novice to the mp5 variant platform, i did an extensive amount of research on what to look for that makes a clone live up to the reputation of a true mp5. I settled on the zenith zf5 and as of now i am not disappointed.The finish is by far the best ive seen on any mp5 clone variant to date. The craftsmanship and attention to detail IMHO is unmatched. Keep up the good work Zenith. I look forward to future products.

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