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Most Useful MP5 Accessories in Our Shop

As the premier American-made MP5, the ZF-5 leads its class in terms of value, reliability, and perhaps most importantly, faithfully capturing the details of the original HK MP5.

But if you’re going to put good money into one – and since they are much more affordable than the Heckler & Koch original – you might as well invest some of that saved money into some quality MP5 accessories.

These are some of the top picks from our online shop, all compatible with the ZF-5, and many of them compatible with the MP5 and similar full-size roller-delayed blowback 9mm platforms.

Soft Gun Cases

We do sell hard-sided MP5 cases with some of our MP5 bundles, and the hard-sided ones are more protective and better when it comes to shielding from weather and other environmental factors, but sometimes a soft-sided gun case is just better.

Soft-sided gun cases are easier to pack, lighter, and more practical to throw in the trunk for day at the range. They’re also substantially more affordable than most hard-sided cases.

If you have a thousand-dollar optic on the rail, by all means, use a hard-sided case. Similarly, use a hard-sided case for long-term storage or when shipping or moving.

But if you’re just going down the road to the range, shell out the cash for the soft case and keep the hard case in reserve.

Not that it’s a really exciting MP5 accessory, but in terms of value and practicality, it’s hard to beat.

MP5 Flash Hiders

We sell MP5 3-lug flash hiders here that are compatible with our threaded, mil-spec MP5 barrels.

Truthfully, the main appeal of a flash hider has got to be that it adds another dimension of authenticity to the ZF-5 (not to mention cool factor).

Although, there is limited application when it comes to concealment, so there’s that, too.

Alternatively, you can look into a muzzle brake that’s compatible with our threaded barrels, too.

Muzzle brakes will not conceal your muzzle flash (if anything, they will make it bigger and brighter) and they will make the muzzle pop way more pronounced, but they will substantially cut recoil.

You can also fire our American-made MP5s suppressed, too. Just make sure you are more diligent about cleaning if you run your ZF-5 suppressed because suppressing is way harder on the action.

MP5 Picatinny Optics Rail Assemblies

MP5 accessories

Our ZF-5 is made with a claw rail over the receiver, just like the real MP5. However, the claw rail is somewhat limiting in what you can mount to it without an adapter, so we designed a Picatinny MP5 rail assembly that is compatible with it, with no modifications.

Not too many shooting accessories and optics are compatible with claw rails. Pretty much every shooting accessory under the sun is either Pic rail compatible or available in a configuration that is.

So, with this MP5 accessory, you can mount scopes, red dot sights, or whatever other shooting accessories you desire, vastly expanding the functionality and utility of the platform.

MP5 2-Point Slings

Let’s just be honest. Today, the lion’s share of attention gets allocated to the tacticool-factor of one point slings.

They are easy to attach, stay out of the way, and offer excellent weapon retention when you need to draw a sidearm.

But beyond that, one-point slings are pretty much inferior to MP5 2-point slings.

If you’re carrying the weapon, a two-point sling is just better. Unlike a one-point sling, two-point slings attach to two points on the platform (no surprises there, right?).

The two-point configuration is somewhat less convenient than the one-point configuration, but it offers the same level of retention (if not better) while eliminating the bouncing and dragging that occur with a one-point sling.

So take that into account before buying one, or get both, and use them where each of them will serve best.

MP5 Magazines

Perhaps an MP5 magazine might not rightly be called an MP5 accessory, but all the same, you should get a few of these, and ours are a cut above the rest in terms of quality.

Our MP5 magazines feature an all-steel construction as well as a durable electro-plated finish that is corrosion, water, and abrasion resistant. They also feature high-tensile strength springs, steel followers, and reinforced feed lips.

They’re also optimized for usability and practicality, and feature round count indicator holes at the back of the mag body so you can visually inspect how many shots remain in the mag.

Most Boring (But Still Useful): MP5 Thread Protector

Arguably the most boring and potentially innocuous MP5 accessory on our entire website, our MP5 thread protectors still pay for themselves.

The thing is, MP5 thread protectors do one thing only, but they do it well – and that’s protect your barrel’s threads. No surprises again here, right?

You should never shoot an MP5 with a threaded barrel unless there is something installed. If you don’t have a muzzle device on the barrel, install a thread protector, because threads are thin, fragile, and very easily damaged, even only by incidental contact.

So, the lesson here is if you have a threaded barrel, you need to keep a thread protector just in case you ever remove your muzzle device and want to keep shooting.

Spare Parts: Practical MP5 Parts

In addition to these practical MP5 accessories, we also carry a wide range of spare MP5 parts that are compatible with the MP5, ZF-5, and other similar full-size roller delayed blowback firearms. Check them out via the previous link and if you have any questions about them, contact us at [email protected].

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