MP5 Receiver

Save Money: Build Your MP5 with an MP5 Receiver

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about the cost of an HK MP5 as one of the main reasons that you should seriously consider an American-made MP5 as an alternative, like our ZF-5. That remains an viable option, and our complete ZF-5 packages have everything you need (less 9mm ammo) to get to the range and

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MP5 accessories

Most Useful MP5 Accessories in Our Shop

As the premier American-made MP5, the ZF-5 leads its class in terms of value, reliability, and perhaps most importantly, faithfully capturing the details of the original HK MP5. But if you’re going to put good money into one – and since they are much more affordable than the Heckler & Koch original – you might

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MP5 Trigger Group

Cleaning Your MP5 Trigger Group: Importance and How-to

A clean gun will operate reliably and will encounter fewer problems associated with feeding, firing, and extraction. Moreover, a clean gun will hold its value better and will be less subject to the ravages of corrosion over the long term. You know well the importance of keeping your bolt carrier group and barrel clean. What

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MP5 Magazine

Breaking in an MP5 Magazine: The Basics

Congratulations: You just got a brand new MP5 magazine (or better yet, a bunch) and are ready to hit the range and get shooting. With a bunch of new mags, you won’t have to reload as frequently, which means you can spend more of your time shooting and less time loading. But did you know

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Zenith firearms

What Colion Noir Says About Our American-Made MP5

Colion Noir is one of the most impassioned and eloquent voices in the fight to preserve our fundamental rights. You may know him and just not be aware of it. He has prominently spoken on behalf of the NRA and has been featured in several promotional NRA news videos in the past ten years. He

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Glossing Some of Our Most Practical MP5 Parts and Accessories

Keeping your MP5 or ZF-5 clean is the cornerstone of proper firearm maintenance and functionality. Occasionally, however, even with routine maintenance and cleaning, MP5 parts will fail. Before you go buy an entire MP5 bolt carrier group elsewhere, find the part that’s not working and replace it with one of ours. MP5 Barrels Zenith Firearms’

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Zenith ZF-5 Review: Your American “MP5” is Waiting

This review was written by Ryan Domke and originally appeared on It is republished with permission. Introduction The MP5 is arguably one of the most recognizable firearms out there, which is why we’re reviewing an MP5 clone, the Zenith ZF-5. Many of you know about the MP5 because you’re a firearm enthusiast, but even

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Cleaning Your ZF-5 (A Primer)

Here’s a fact for you. Frequent cleaning and lubrication will keep your ZF-5 smoother shooting, in better shape, and protected against corrosion. Even if you shoot cartridges loaded with non-corrosive primers and propellant, a dirty MP5 barrel and action can complicate feeding, ejection, and overall performance. Periodic cleaning and lubrication prevent premature wear and component

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Capturing an MP5 by the Details: Subtle Accuracies and Improvements

When it comes to details, we here at Zenith Firearms like to think we strike the perfect balance of capturing them accurately without getting lost in them. We can still “see the forest for the trees,” that is. This commitment to the little details is how we produced the ZF-5, an American-made MP5 that is

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