East Versus West: Cold War Small Arms, Installment 1

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This is the first in a series of installments focused on the history of the roller-delayed platform. Following World War II, there was one clear superpower, the United States. In short order, the Soviet Union would rise to superpower status mostly as a result of pillaging occupied Eastern Europe to rebuild its devastated infrastructure, and its successful testing of an


Zenith FirearmsEast Versus West: Cold War Small Arms, Installment 1

21st Century Cowboy

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It was common practice in the late nineteenth century for cowboys to carry a rifle and a pistol chambered in the same caliber. This made sense from a practical point of view: if your rifle and your pistol used the same type of ammunition, then you only had to carry that type, and your preparation for contingencies was simplified. Further,


Zenith Firearms21st Century Cowboy

A Brief History of the MP5

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The MP5 originated as Heckler and Koch’s Project 65. It was created as a roller delayed blowback evolutionary descendant of the revolutionary MG42, which featured the first mass produced roller lock mechanisms and stamped metal firearms technology. There were a number of successful submachineguns already on the market, with the Uzi being the most ubiquitous and consistently the MP5’s greatest


Zenith FirearmsA Brief History of the MP5