Glossing Some of Our Most Practical MP5 Parts and Accessories

Keeping your MP5 or ZF-5 clean is the cornerstone of proper firearm maintenance and functionality.

Occasionally, however, even with routine maintenance and cleaning, MP5 parts will fail.

Before you go buy an entire MP5 bolt carrier group elsewhere, find the part that’s not working and replace it with one of ours.

MP5 Barrels

Zenith Firearms’ MP5 barrels are made from cold hammer forged mil-spec 4150 CMV steel and finished with a nitride treatment that resists wear and corrosion.

This barrel features a threaded end and a three-lug mount that’s compatible with a wide range of muzzle devices. It also comes with two barrel pins.

The best part? It’s compatible with a wide range of 9mm roller-delayed blowback platforms, including but not limited to the HK MP5 and the ZF-5.

MP5 Bolt Carrier Group Parts

Don’t just buy a whole new MP5 bolt carrier group. Find and replace the malfunctioning component.

We carry replacement bolt group parts including extractor and ejector springs as well as firing pins and firing pin kits that include an FNC coated MP5 firing pin as well as a long-lasting, high-quality silicon chrome spring.

Two-Pin Trigger Housings

Our ZF-5 and MP5 two-pin trigger housings are compatible with other 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearms that have wrap around semi-automatic shelves.

They’re perfect for repair or replacement, as well as for keeping 922r compliance (see that post for further details).

MP5 Buttcap Assemblies

Our ZF-5 and MP5 buttcap assemblies are made in the United States (making them 922r compliant) and are compatible with other roller-delayed blowback platforms.

They include the polymer buttcap, an internal rubber buffer, a takedown pin, and a sling swivel attachment loop.

Basic, but highly durable, they’re great for making replacements as well as for keeping your builds 922r compliant, as mentioned.

MP5 Monolithic Triggers

Let’s be serious: dual-stage triggers are for competition, long-range, precision rifle shooters. They have no place in the world of roller-delayed blowback 9mm firearms.

It just so happens that monolithic triggers are more affordable, easier to use, and require less maintenance, too.

Our ZF-5 monolithic triggers are affordable, made in the United States, and compatible not only with the ZF-5 and MP5, but with other roller-delayed blowback firearms.

Cocking Handle Assemblies

Have you purchased an MP5 that was missing the cocking handle or was damaged? Trying to create a 922r compliant MP5?

Then you might need a new cocking handle assembly. Our ZF-5 cocking handle come with the cocking handle as well as a roll pin. They’re compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, MP5K, MP5SD, and other roller-delayed blowback firearms.

Mag Release Kits

The ZF-5’s mag release system contains a few pins and springs that, if lost or damaged, can make it difficult or impossible to drop a mag – and what good is a roller-delayed semi-auto if you can’t feed it easily from a mag?

Not much, which is why you might need a new mag release kit like ours, which is compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, and other roller-delayed blowback firearms and which comes with the mag release push button as well as the mag catch, roller-tipped paddle, contact piece, spring, roll pin, and paddle bushing.

MP5 Spring Sets

On pretty much any firearm, springs are the first parts that fatigue and need to be replaced. They are the first culprits you should investigate whenever there is a failure to operate as intended.

Our MP5 spring kit comes with an ejector spring, firing pin spring, sear spring, hammer spring, trigger spring, and extractor spring.

Basically, everything you need to replace a fatigued spring in your ZF-5 or MP5.

Automatic Trigger Groups

This is the last MP5 automatic trigger group you’ll ever need. It features Zenith Firearm’s TIG steel welded trigger box which offers exceptional durability and rigidity as well as extremely tight tolerances.

All internal steel components are heat treated to deliver extra strength, wear-resistance and general durability, and are manganese phosphate-coated to improve wear and corrosion resistance as well as longevity.

These MP5 parts come with an ambidextrous selector lever and polymer housing and are also made in the United States, making them 922r compliant.

ZF-5/MP5 Picatinny Rail Assembly

MP5 parts


Want a quick and easy way to configure your MP5 or ZF-5’s receiver with a Pic rail that you can us to expand the platform with optics or other shooting accessories?

Then you need a ZF-5 Picatinny rail assembly, which is compatible with the MP5 and other full-sized platforms (not the MP5 PDW models, though), which secures to the claw-mount lugs on the stamped receiver of the MP5.

Ours is machined from durable, strong, yet lightweight aluminum, and comes with mounting hardware.

MP5 Parts and Accessories: Unyielding Quality, Wide Compatibility

Whether you need to create a 922r compliant build or just need parts for repair, upgrade, or expansion, we carry one of the largest collections of American-made MP5 parts on the market.

Check out our collection via the previous link and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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