4 Shooting Drills That Will Help You Improve Your Handling, Accuracy, and Confidence

Just like, well, anything in life, you can’t develop proficiency without practice. What is it they say? Practice makes perfect? Well, perfect is a strong word. Let’s go with practice makes better.

And if you want to be a better shooter – better, in this case, being more confident and more accurate – you need to shoot more.

But plinking will only take you so far. Practice one of these 4 drills the next time you are at the range with your MP5 or ZF-5. We picked them specifically for their practicality.

The Box Drill

The box drill will help you master the control of your firearm by forcing you to engage two targets at once.

To run the box drill properly, you will need two silhouette targets. If you’re shooting over iron sights, 25 to 50 yards is a good range for this drill; if over optics, 75 to 100.

Start with your MP5 or ZF-5 in the high or low-ready position. To complete the drill, shoulder your firearm, fire two shots at the center of the first target, acquire the second target, and fire two shots at the center of that target; then fire one shot at the “head” of the second target and complete the drill by reacquiring the first target and firing a shot at that one’s “head.”

This drill will help you master the control and stability of your firearm while giving you the ability to practice target acquisition and shot placement on two targets.

One-Shot Drill

The one-shot drill is actually a drill for pistol shooters, but we can see it being valuable for use with an MP5-style platform, too. It helps you hone your ability to shoulder a firearm before firing a single, accurately placed shot.

There is no follow-up shot or second target in the one-shot drill. This is entirely about accurate shot placement, the first time.

For this drill, you may want one of our MP5 2 point slings. Begin by standing, facing the target with the ZF-5 in the low-ready position.

Then, adopt a shooting stance, shoulder the firearm, fire one round at the center of the target, and lower the firearm back to the low-ready position.

Rinse and repeat. This drill will help you refine your shot placement when one shot counts.

Failure to Stop Drill

The failure-to-stop drill is designed to enable the shooter to develop proficiency firing three rapid shots in succession. All three shots must be placed accurately, and the drill is designed to refine handling, response, and accuracy in a life-or-death situation, such as when being charged by an assailant or dangerous animal.

Mount a silhouette target downrange at about 25 yards. Load three rounds into your MP5 or ZF-5, then start with the firearm at the low-ready position.

When ready (or at the whistle, if drilling with a partner), shoulder the weapon and fire two shots at the center of the target’s chest, and the final one at the center of the head.

Missing any of the shots is considered a failure, but speed is also important. The goal here is to place all three shots as accurately, as possible, as quickly as possible.

1-Reload-1 Drill

The 1-reload-1 drill will help you practice proficiency not only with shot placement but also with handling, as you will need to drop and reload a mag to complete this drill.

Set up a target about 25 yards downrange, then prepare at the firing line by loading one round into a magazine; load the mag but do not charge the weapon. Place another loaded mag in your vest pouch where you can access it.

Start with your MP5 or ZF-5 in the low-ready position. To begin the drill, or again, at the whistle, if training with a partner, shoulder the platform, charge the weapon, and fire the single shot at the center of the target.

Drop the now-empty mag, reload the weapon, and fire another shot at the center of the target.

The goal here is to be able to fire both shots, as accurately as possible, within 6 seconds.

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There are numerous benefits to practicing shooting drills like these. They can improve your handling, slash your reload times, increase your confidence, and most importantly, improve your accuracy – which can be beneficial not only in scoring during competition but also if you ever find yourself in a defensive situation.

For some of these drills, you may find it beneficial to have a tactical sling like one of our MP5 2 point slings, or a few spare MP5 magazines (ours exhibit high quality and corrosion resistance). You can find these at the previous links.

If you have other feedback or would like to suggest additional shooting drills for the benefit of our readers, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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