ZF5-P/K/T – MP5 PDW Semi-Automatic Trigger Group (Complete)


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The ZF5 PDW Semi-Automatic Trigger Group features Zenith’s proprietary machined and TIG welded steel trigger box for increased rigidity and the tightest tolerances on the market. All of the internal steel components are heat treated before manganese phosphate coating and polishing, adding to long term reliability and corrosion resistance. Zenith’s 9mm trigger groups maintain an average trigger pull of 6-8 lbs. To inquire about trigger pull and trigger reset upgrades for your 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearm, please contact [email protected].

  • Compatible with two-pin receiver ZF5-K/T/Ps or MP5 PDWs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: Complete ZF5-P/K/T semi-automatic trigger group (with ambidextrous selector lever and polymer housing)


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