Zenith Firearms to manufacture roller-delayed blowback firearms in the United States


AFTON, VA: Zenith Firearms announced today that it will be releasing its first gun model in the fourth quarter of 2021. Their ZF-5 will retain the iconic submachine gun profile, but offer improvements throughout the system. Users can expect improved serviceability along with renewed accessibility to parts and accessories.

“Since the start of this project, our goal was to build a ‘better than the original’ firearm,” said Kutlay Kaya, CEO of Zenith Firearms. “Our team of more than 50 engineers, roller-delayed platform experts, and manufacturing specialists have meticulously revamped the model. We will be offering a completely U.S.-made, Zenith manufactured firearm with superior quality attained through modernization, precise tolerances, improved coatings, and a cold hammer-forged barrel.”

Each ZF-5 will ship with three (3) magazines, a premium sling, a cleaning kit, and a Picatinny optics rail in a high-quality carry case. “You can expect to receive all of this with a lower price tag than the competition,” Kaya said.

Distributors, dealers, and retail customers can follow Zenith’s social media pages for updates or sign up to receive emails at https://zenithfirearms.com/updates.

About Zenith Firearms: Zenith Firearms is a 100% American owned and operated company headquartered in Afton, Virginia. Zenith made its mark on the American shooting community through their expertise in the roller-delayed blowback  platform and reputation for excellent customer service. Learn more about Zenith Firearms here: https://zenithfirearms.com “We keep rolling. Zenith Firearms”

Media Contact: Marci Malinowski, TEL: 434-202-7790, [email protected]

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