All the Reasons an American-Made MP5 Makes Sense

The HK MP5 is something of a legend among gun fanatics and history buffs. It’s been in production for almost 60 years and has been widely adopted by official entities around the globe for military and law enforcement duty.

But these are in somewhat short supply over here, and since the HK MP5 is capable of fully-automatic selective fire, they require an NFA stamp, anyway.

Our ZF-5 is basically an American-made MP5 that captures all of the best of the MP5 and then offers a little more. Here’s what you should know.

It Captures All the Best Aspects of the Real Thing (and Exhibits High Quality)

Just like the MP5, the ZF-5 hinges on the 9×19 Parabellum and is built around a roller-delayed blowback action that works just like the MP5’s.

 It’s very similarly sized and weighted and showcases a lot of features nearly identical to the MP5, such as the selector lever, tropical handguard, hooded front sight, and adjustable rear sight.

 The ZF-5 is completed with high-quality internals, too. It features an FNC-treated, cold-forged, mil-spec 4150 CMV barrel with 6 right-hand grooves with a 1:10 twist. It’s also threaded (see below).

Other internals and hardware such as the sear, hammer, firing pin, and even the takedown pins are made from premium tool steel that offers exceptional strength and are either treated with a phosphate coating or an FNC finish for wear and corrosion resistance.

 It captures the details, too; it even has a fluted chamber that aids in extraction.

Noteworthy Features

 Our American-made MP5 subgun-style platforms also feature numerous user-friendly features.

One thing that shooters have noticed and appreciate is our Magpul enhanced safety selector which is more solid and user-friendly than the stock MP5 safety selector.

 The lug mount is also threaded, which makes the barrel modular, in case you want to add another muzzle device like a suppressor.

Value-Added Bundles Are Available

Another great reason to get an American-made MP5 is that you can get more for your money. ZF-5 bundles are available here, and they come with much more than just the gun itself.

 You can get one of our essentials packages, which includes not only one of ZF-5 platforms but also a soft carrying case, and a 30-rd magazine, but also a user’s manual.

Our premium packages are even better. These come with the gun, a flash hider, 3 30-rd magazines, a 2-point sling, a Picatinny optics rail, and a hard-sided carrying case.

Price, Price, Price

Speaking of getting more for your money, another great reason to get an American-made MP5 is that you can get more for your money. Don’t be surprised if you find an HK MP5 for sale at a price between $20,000 and $30,000. This is not uncommon.

 Granted, they are rare in the United States, to begin with, but where you can find them, prices are often high.

 The ZF-5 American-made version does cost a premium, but nowhere near the prices of authentic MP5 SMGs.

If you like the aesthetics and basic functionality of the MP5 but the price makes you balk, consider a ZF-5 instead.

This American-Made MP5 Comes with a Picatinny Rail (It’s Expandable)

If you don’t like the fact that the original MP5 is not exactly optics-friendly, then you will love the American-made ZF-5.

The ZF-5 is configurable with a Picatinny-rail adapter that mounts over the receiver, making it a cinch to expand the ZF-5 with optics like a scope or a red dot sight.

This simple feature makes the platform much more expandable, much more user-friendly, and positions it to accept attachments that will make it much more viable at greater ranges.

Feeds Hollow Points

The HK MP5 was not designed to fire hollow points, but if you have any intention of using a platform like this as a defensive weapon, that may be a sticking point.

The ZF-5 has been shooter reviewed (see below) and the general consensus is that the ZF-5 feeds hollow points, more or less with no problems.


Made with Pride Here in America

If you want a genuine MP5, it’s not going to be made in America (though they are produced under contract all over the world, for instance in Greece, Mexico, and the United Kingdom). But for some, that aspect of authenticity is not a selling point. Made with pride stateside, the ZF-5 is all-American.


The ZF-5 is available here in several different colors, including black, gray, blue, brown, and bronze, just one more thing to love about it.

Semi-Automatic, Buyer-Friendly Convenience

The ZF-5 is not capable of fully-automatic selective fire, only semi-automatic. While this is one area in which we diverge from the MP-5, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

 Buyers interested in fully-automatic weapons (and other NFA-weapons) must first fill out a bunch of paperwork and apply for an NFA stamp. The ZF-5, being semi-auto only, doesn’t require you to jump through these hoops.

It’s Shooter-Reviewed (and Approved)

We have enough good things to say about the ZF-5, but you don’t need to take it from us. This SMG-style platform shows up on a bunch of “best of” (and similarly-themed) American-made MP5 lists and has even been extensively reviewed by several YouTube personalities. They sing our praises better than we could.

Top Shot Dustin left us one of our best “reviews,” calling out the quality machining, accuracy, fidelity to the original, and overall quality of the ZF-5. You can get his full video overview at the link above.

 MrGunsNGear also extensively reviewed our ZF-5 and the results were also favorable. His review covers all of the features of the platform in thorough detail – it’s a great resource if you’re interested in one of our MP5-style ZF-5s. (Thanks for the compliment on the welds, by the way!)

These are only two of the better reviews of our ZF-5 out there. If you want to see what other collectors and shooters think of the ZF-5, all you need to do is perform a quick search.

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Interested in getting an American-made MP5, but still have questions about our models? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at [email protected] or at 434-202-7790.

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