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staff_peterKutlay Kaya
Chairman of the Board

Kutlay has 25 years of combined professional experience in government and business, and he has served as an international trade consultant and broker on five continents. A networker, team builder, and entrepreneur who enjoys meeting the needs of commercial and government customers in a variety of business sectors, Kutlay’s current geographic areas of focus are the United States, Turkey, and the Middle East.

In 1996, Kutlay earned a bachelor’s degree from 19 Mayis University in Samsun, Turkey, and in 1998 he moved to the U.S., where he continued his studies and was employed as a consultant and director for two nonprofit, humanitarian organizations. In 2003, Kutlay earned a master’s degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

In 2014, Kutlay founded Zenith Quest Corporation, both as the parent company of his several U.S. businesses, and as the name by which he would move forward internationally in the firearms, defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, and energy industries. In 2015, Kutlay founded ZNT Global — headquartered in Ankara, Turkey — as a sister company to ZQC, and to pioneer similar business operations in Turkey and its region.

Kutlay is both MKEK’s exclusive representative in the United States, and Raytheon’s country partner in Turkey for cybersecurity and tank modernization. He travels regularly between the U.S. and Turkey to develop and oversee his businesses, and to meet and network with leaders in commerce and government.

staff_hanriHanri Kaya
Chief Executive Officer

Hanri worked as both a registered nurse and a part-time business manager for eight years, before transitioning in 2014 to full-time work in various executive roles for Zenith Quest Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Zenith Firearms. She currently serves as the chief executive officer, a position from which she shapes the company’s vision and strives to set a high standard for the staff by her examples of dedication and integrity in the pursuit of excellence. Hanri has earned a bachelor’s degree (2005), and an MBA with international concentration (2014), from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

During her tenure as chief executive, Hanri has overseen the company’s successful execution of a $54 million ammunition contract with Walmart Inc., and presided over Zenith Firearms’ ascendance in the U.S. roller-delayed blowback firearms market. She is currently spearheading the company’s execution of a multi-year asset acquisition plan that will transform Zenith Firearms from being primarily a U.S. importer and distributor of firearms, to being a full-service U.S. manufacturer.

As CEO, Hanri also undertakes administrative, contractual, financial, and regulatory responsibilities across the spectrum of ZQC’s international operations in the firearms, defense, cybersecurity, unmanned aerial systems, and energy industries.

James Williamson
Chief Operations Officer

James is a retired Marine Corps officer with a background in infantry, light armored reconnaissance, and special operations, 20 years of successful management and leadership experience, and a reputation for meeting extremely challenging organizational goals and objectives.

Prior to his employment with Zenith Firearms, James served as chief operations officer for Haley Strategic Partners, LLC and director of training for Haley Strategic Training, LLC. He also owns a thriving small business, Teufelshund Tactical, which has offered roller-delayed firearms training and support services to military, law enforcement and responsible citizens since 2015. Key assignments while serving in the Marine Corps include aide-de-camp to the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps liaison for special operations to the United States Army Special Operations Command, regimental operations officer for the School of Infantry — East, and five separate company commands.

In 2018, James became Zenith Firearms’ chief operations officer, in which capacity he is responsible for maintaining, developing, and leading the staff, conceiving and implementing strategy, and coordinating the efforts of all departments toward mission accomplishment and achievement of the company’s vision.

Andy Eckert
Vice President, Corporate Communication

A former U.S. Marine, Andy acquired post-military professional experience in carpentry, nonprofit work and business, before joining Zenith Quest International in 2013 to assist with execution of a $54 million ammunition contract with Walmart Inc. Andy was ZQI’s sales and project manager, and then its vice president for the U.S. market, before becoming a Zenith Quest Corporation employee and serving for two years as vice president and firearms manager.
He is currently Zenith Firearms’ vice president for corporate communication, reporting to the chief operations officer and responsible for writing and editing sales, marketing, public relations, technical and other business content, copy and correspondence. Andy is also charged with procurement functions, product pricing management and advising the executive team on various matters.

staff_robRob Moses
Armory Manager

Rob started life in one of the least gun-friendly states in America. After completing his associate’s degree, he spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While there, he learned Spanish, enjoyed the food and warm Argentine culture, and met a beautiful woman from Virginia. Rob moved to Virginia shortly after his travels and married her. After working for many years in the field of education and driving nearly an hour to work each way, he was fortunate to find Zenith Firearms and ZQI Ammunition just down the road from home in Afton, Virginia. Rob and his wife our now the proud parents of a baby boy that will hopefully share his father’s love of firearms, ammunition and cars in the future.

Rob is now working in a field that allows him to spend his workdays doing what he would have only been able to do in his spare time in the past. As the Customer Service Representative of Zenith Firearms and ZQI Ammunition, Rob is able to play with Z-5RSs and Z-5Ps while answering customer questions or concerns. While he still loves the AR platform of rifles, the roller delayed blowback system is quickly becoming one of his favorite platforms, as well. Rob enjoys spending his days off with his family, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, loading his own ammunition and shooting with friends and coworkers.

Marci Malinowski
Marketing Director

Marci is an award winning graphic designer who has been part of the Zenith marketing team since 2015. Originally the graphic design and digital media manager, her role has since expanded to include planning, coordination and direction of the company’s marketing efforts. She has served in leading design roles for more than twenty years, creating compelling designs for clients in diverse markets. She previously held the position of Art Director for Key Communications in Stafford, Virginia where she earned best new publication awards from the American Society of Business Press Editors.

She received her BFA in graphic design from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Her professional work is focused on creating enriching design experiences in print and on the web.

Marci is tall, but admittedly a terrible basketball player. She is fully-immersed in the chaos of raising three daughters with her husband of 22 years, Ken. In addition to her full-time job at Zenith, she is also fully committed to her second full-time job as a soccer mom. She enjoys walks with her Great Dane, Lucy, time with friends, seeing new places and is a life-long lover of the arts.

staff_paulPaul Voska
Customer Service Representative

Paul is not only a sales representative for Zenith Firearms, he is also a shooter for Team Zenith. His love for shooting began when he was a boy, plinking with slingshots and pellet guns. In his teens, he graduated to shotguns, and .22 caliber rifles and pistols. Following a four-year enlistment in the U.S. Air Force, he shot his first action pistol match in Panama City Florida, and was hooked. Decades later, after teaching civilians, local law enforcement, SWAT teams, and and professional bodyguards, he still loves to shoot, and compete.


staff_jrJR Pannell
Master Gunsmith

JR has lived in Nelson County, Virginia for almost all of his life. He grew up hunting and fishing, and has had the privilege to do both in many places, including Africa. He has loved firearms for his entire life, and has been shooting competitively since he was 21-years old.

JR loves God, his family and his friends; he also loves to shoot, and loves working at Zenith Firearms.



staff_deDE Williams

Firearms are DE’s passion, and he brings to Zenith 27-plus years of law enforcement firearms training and firearm repair experience. DE has received training from the federal government, as well as from state and local governments, and from companies like H&K, Glock, Remington, S&W and the American Gunsmithing Institute.



staff_donDon Leckrone
Director Defense, LE & Intelligence Accounts

Leckrone joined Zenith in December 2016 to head the expansion into Defense and Law Enforcement markets. Don arrived at Zenith following a career in the US Intelligence and Defense Community, where his focus was on Counter IED detection and defeat, as well as Warfighter / Mission support utilizing MULTI-INT data, near real time geospatial threat depictions based on advanced persistent analysis techniques.

Don has worked for many companies over a long career, usually in Business Development, Sales or Product Management and Design. He can claim past affiliations with major companies like Panasonic, Digital, Mitsubishi, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) & Novettta, along with quite a few start ups over the years where he was co-founder. Also served in the US NAVY for 6 years as a P3 Orion Flight Engineer. Don holds a US Patent for a novel communications system and has lead technical development of multi million dollar government programs over the years.

For Don its Mission First, Last and Always and now he is proud to apply his talents and experience to the efforts here at Zenith. We equip those who maintain our freedom abroad and those that defend law and order domestically – The Zenith Team strives to deliver the very best products and services possible.

Don enjoys Nelson County and the beauty around our headquarters in Virginia. His hobbies include fly fishing, skeet shooting, keeping his aging Range Rover running and baking baguettes when the mood strikes. Making up the Leckrone family are wife Liz of 30 plus years, 2 sons, a rescue dog named Kuma and a Guinea hen named Guinea.

staff_jamieJamie Slaughter
Defense Projects Manager

Jamie is a native of South Charleston, West Virginia. He coordinates, manages, and directs defense related projects and operations for ZQC in addition to seeking out collectible militaria worldwide for Zenith Militaria.

His lifelong interest is the development of military technology, theory, and doctrine. He is also interested in the historical, current, and future development of small arms and armored vehicles. His scholarly publications include: “Military Communication on the Western Front 1914-1918: Similar Experiences, Different Outcomes.” in Information History of the First World War, and “Allied Close Air Support during Operation Market Garden: A Lesson in Planning.” in Operation Market Garden. The Campaign for the Low Countries Autumn 1944: Seventy Years On.”, and entries in the Mount Vernon Digital Encyclopedia. He also writes for popular publications such as Recoil Magazine and Skirmish Magazine. He holds a BA in History from West Virginia University, a MAT from Marshall University, a MA in Military History from Norwich University, and he is currently studying at the University of Wolverhampton.

He is an avid militaria collector, bibliophile, and war gamer. He lives in rural Virginia with his wife Stacy, and his son, Logan.

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