Protective Gear

Zenith is proud to introduce its new Tempest Fighting Helmet. Tempest will meet the needs of private citizens and law enforcement personnel for protection against blunt impacts, fragmentation, and select small-arms projectiles.

Our sub-3-pound NIJ Level IIIA-certified Tempest 300 is versatile, supremely comfortable, and available as a full- (301), mid- (302), or high- (303) cut helmet. Our full-cut version is also available with a face shield (model 401), which outfits it for the personal protection of bomb search and disposal personnel. Each of our helmets features a state-of-the-art ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell, a concussion-reducing and 3-piece-modular-pad suspension system, a precision-adjustable 4-point retention system, and a Cordura fabric cover. Available accessories include a 3-hole NVG shroud with bungee cords, a side-rail system, variously patterned Cordura covers, a protective visor, and a neck protector.

zf_clarkProtective Gear