Lauren Sites

Sales Representative

Lauren, a native of California, came to Virginia in the winter of 2014. What was supposed to be a temporary trip to teach snowboarding in the Blue Ridge Mountains turned out to be a more permanent stay.

She received her master’s degree in school counseling and worked as a mental health and school counselor for several years. An avid shooter with a passion for the firearms and ammunition industry, she jumped on the opportunity to join the Zenith family. Lauren is thrilled to be joining the team at such an exciting time and plans to be one of the first owners of Zenith’s introductory model, the ZF-5. As a sales representative, Lauren is able to fulfill her desire to work with people and help them legally arm themselves.

In addition to working at Zenith, Lauren is a personal and group trainer at her gym. Her hobbies include lifting, being outdoors and hiking, and spending downtime with her family and two cats.

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